Following Government Rules

For Following Government Rules for businesses in Thousand Oaks, Camarillo, Woodland Hills and other communities in this area, Freeman & Associates has more than 20 years of experience and understands the differences between the numerous government agencies and their many regulations. It is imperative for businesses and corporations to not only know government rules, but to have someone assigned for monitoring and reporting where appropriate. Freeman & Associates offers many professional accounting services including monthly and quarterly financial statements, payroll reports, payroll tax reports, sales tax reports and more.

Accounting issues can be intricate for a business of any size; business matters can become even more complicated without Following Government Rules, so engaging Freeman & Associates of Thousand Oaks offers a peace of mind that all procedures are followed correctly, all regulations met. The accounting firm also handles business property tax statements, workers compensation insurance reports, audits, and IRS examinations. For many years Freeman & Associates has provides both offsite bookkeeping and in-house bookkeeping services including QuickBooks consulting for businesses in Camarillo, Woodland Hills and many other communities in this area.

Aside from the importance of Following Government Rules, Freeman & Associates of Thousand Oaks offers many other advantages for businesses in Woodland Hills, Camarillo and other communities in the surrounding area. The accounting firm has extensive experience with retail, construction, medical, service, restaurants, machine shops and real estate industries. The Certified Public Accounting and consulting firm has been helping businesses and corporations in Woodland Hills, Camarillo and many other nearby communities in Following Government Rules and in other accounting-related areas for many years.


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