Professional Corporation

Services for a Professional Corporation are an expertise of Freeman & Associates of Thousand Oaks. The accounting firm is headed by a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) with more than 20 years experience with corporate accounting as well as in real estate and other areas of business and finance. Many corporation statutes make special provisions for professional corporations, to regulate matters such as use of licensed professionals such as attorneys. There are keen details involved with starting and managing a professional corporation and Freeman & Associates has successfully helped many in the area, from Tarzana to Camarillo, over the years.

Freeman & Associates of Thousand Oaks, for instance, understands that a Professional Corporation often does not afford its single director or multiple directors the same level of liability limitations as other business corporations such as an LLC. Professional corporations often exist as part of larger legal entities, such as law firms or medical practices; as such they can command extra care in terms of accounting diligence. Freeman & Associates has managed corporate tax returns and tax forms for businesses in Camarillo, Tarzana and many other communities in this area over the years.

For any business, Freeman & Associates of Thousand Oaks can provide complete start-up services for a Professional Corporation – or ongoing management services. The accounting firm provides a business structure designed for growth; start-to-finish set-up service; officer required payroll; pension and benefits planning; liability protection; and more. Freeman & Associates can offer peace of mind when planning a Professional Corporation in Tarzana, Camarillo or any other community in this area.


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