Getting Ready for 2020 taxes

Check tax withholdings now to avoid large payments with your next tax return To avoid a surprise when filing next year, now is the time to review your tax withholdings and payments. An adjustment or two made now may boost take home pay or allow taxpayers to pay more in the last quarter of … [Read more...]


INDIVIDUAL TAX RETURN CHECKLIST We have a list of items that will assist you in identifying and collecting the information necessary to properly prepare your Income Tax returns. For your Personal Tax return, Please gather the following if they apply to you: __W-2 statements from … [Read more...]


Is GoFundMe Tax Free? IRS requirements are often confusing, and crowdfunding tax treatment is no exception. GoFundMe, Kickstarter, and other personal fundraising websites have become extremely popular – their purpose being to assist in raising funds for different campaigns. You’ve probably … [Read more...]

2017 Tax Saving Tips

Year End Tax Saving Tips As the year comes to a close, there are several tax saving strategies that could possibly help save you money when you prepare your tax return. Please note that these tax saving strategies will not apply to everyone and there are many other options not listed in this … [Read more...]


Business Formations – Which is best? Forming a Limited Liability Company or Corporation provides a wonderful liability protection that benefits the individual owner and the small business.   Spending just a small amount of money up front and keeping your records up to date can make all the … [Read more...]


I'll be speaking for the Moving Seniors Forward informational series presentation on Thursday evening October 19th 6pm at the Janss Marketplace in Thousand Oaks. Come join me to hear this great information and enjoy the food and entertainment. Let me know if you can come! Hope to see you there! … [Read more...]


BUSINESS GROWTH MANAGEMENT Identifying the ability to grow and making this growth happen is every business owner’s goal.  This desired growth will usually occur by following 3 main steps: Upgrade marketing efforts Project the company’s required needs to properly accommodate the larger … [Read more...]

Looking through Auditor and Lender’s glasses

THE STORY A BALANCE SHEET TELLS:LOOKING THROUGH AUDITOR AND LENDER’S GLASSES Lenders and Auditors pay attention to the Business Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet tells the story of your business from the beginning to the current day. The Profit & Loss statement is where your tax liabilities … [Read more...]


FINANCIAL RUIN ROCK STAR STYLE You may not make millions of dollars in your lifetime, but you certainly can learn a few financial lessons from these once-rich, now not-so-rich Rock Stars. HOW TO BE RICH LIKE A ROCK STAR: Say Yes To Everyone Generosity, though well intentioned, can cost … [Read more...]

How to Make Money

2014 Tax Planning - Goal Setting How to Make Money Four basic steps can help you produce income with your Product or Service. 1)      Monetize your idea – Bring it to the market place where you can make cash by selling it to customers.  Prepare the idea (either product or service) for sales. … [Read more...]