Corporation, LLC, Sole-Proprietor

SEPARATING YOUR BUSINESS AND PERSONAL FINANCES The first set of steps for any business entity should be to create clear separation between your business and your personal finances.   My  experience as a CPA representing clients on IRS audits for over 30 years has shown me time and … [Read more...]


TAX ORGANIZER FOR CORPORATIONS AND LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANIES We have a list of items that will assist you in identifying and collecting the information necessary for us to properly prepare your business and investment Income Tax returns. For Business Tax Preparation, please gather the … [Read more...]


AVOID POTENTIAL FOR PENALTIES. LATE 1099 FILING PENALTY IS NOT WORTH THE RISK Specifically, not providing a correct statement (intentional disregard) carries a penalty of $250 per 1099, with no maximum for the year. $50 penalty per 1099, if you file within 30 days of due date. $100 per 1099, if … [Read more...]


QUICKBOOKS ONLINE OR QUICKBOOKS DESKTOP - HOW TO CHOOSE? QuickBooks Online vs QuickBooks Desktop To think that QuickBooks Online is just the cloud-based version of QuickBooks Desktop is a misconception. Even though these two products share the name ”QuickBooks”, they are not related. … [Read more...]

Looking through Auditor and Lender’s glasses

THE STORY A BALANCE SHEET TELLS:LOOKING THROUGH AUDITOR AND LENDER’S GLASSES Lenders and Auditors pay attention to the Business Balance Sheet. The Balance Sheet tells the story of your business from the beginning to the current day. The Profit & Loss statement is where your tax liabilities … [Read more...]

How to Make Money

2014 Tax Planning - Goal Setting How to Make Money Four basic steps can help you produce income with your Product or Service. 1)      Monetize your idea – Bring it to the market place where you can make cash by selling it to customers.  Prepare the idea (either product or service) for sales. … [Read more...]


With a YEAR END TAX PLANNING AND ACCOUNTING REVIEW we can project this year’s Income Tax Results allowing enough time to make positive and meaningful adjustments before year end results are reported. We can suggest and help implement a variety of TAX SAVING techniques for your benefit. We work with … [Read more...]